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Centennial High School Principal Reinstated.

Centennial High School Principal Reinstated. October 23rd, 2022 By Stephen Phillips. 3:03 pm pst

Principal Keith Wipperman was reinstated Last Thursday, October 20th, 2022. According to an article by

Keith Wipperman returned to his assigned duties on Thursday, a spokesperson for the Clark County School District confirmed.

“The district continues its review of the situation to finalize the process and will work with Mr. Wipperman to rectify the situation,” CCSD said in a statement. No further comment was provided.

Students and parents said Wipperman was removed as principal earlier this month. CCSD said he was assigned to other duties, but the school district did not announce why he was removed.

Principal reinstated at Centennial High School after outcry over sudden removal Article by
Centennial High School Principal Reinstated
Centennial High School Principal Reinstated

The Last CCSD Board meeting we covered on October 13th, 2022

also happened to be the one in which Students, Parents, and Teachers from Centennial High School aired their grievances concerning the removal of their Principal Keith Wipperman. Below is our coverage of their segment where they spoke during public Comment Item 5.01 for non-agenda items.

Parents, Students, & Teachers Of Centennial High School Air their Grievances at the Oct 13th, 2022 CCSD Board of Trustees Meeting Public Comment 5.01

Centennial High School Parents, Teachers and Students also garnered 2,500 signatures

for a petition they began, asking CCSD to reinstate their Principal Keith Wipperman. In addition to airing their grievances for public comment Item 5.01 non-action items. We also did an article last week titled. “Lola Express, CCSD Board of Trustees Corruption Exposed” for the coverage we did on the October 13th, 2022 CCSD Board of Trustees meeting. In that article we cover the shocking statement made by board member Linda Cavazos “We are already required to meet federal guidelines, we’re just not doing so”. That my friends is what we call a game changer. So don’t forget to check it out and leave a comment.

After hearing this good news About Centennial High School Principal Wipperman.

I was ecstatic that these parents, teachers and students from Centennial High School had their voices heard. And as a result had their grievances resolved. I Feel blessed to have been there to cover the meeting live. One can only imagine the outcome had we not been there streaming it live in order to make sure transparency was ensured.

You see that was the original purpose of “Freedom of the press.”

to act as part of the checks and balances, to ensure accountability and transparency concerning corrupt officials. When officials are being watched and observed as well as called out. You effectively put pressure on such officials by the mere fact that they know they are being watched. We the people have that right since it is our tax dollars paying for their salaries. That’s why open meeting law exists. Centennial High School Got their principal back and rightly so. I count that as a huge win for we the people.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the hard question

If the legacy media covered the Centennial High School Parents, Teachers, and Students getting their principal back. Then surely they must have covered the other events at the October 13th, Lola Express, I mean CCSD Board of Trustees meeting. After doing a search i found a few articles on the October 13th, 2022 Board meeting. Most of them covered the Centennial High School Principal Story. Here’s an article by the Las Vegas Review Journal Centennial High School principal reinstated after abrupt removal. I also found an article by that covered the Student Achievement Discussed at the October 13th Board meeting.

Nowhere however did i see any mention let alone coverage on Board member Linda Cavazos Statement.

Linda Cavazos “We are already required to meet federal guidelines, we’re just not doing so

In addition to that i did not see any mention or coverage by any of the legacy media on the Sped (Special Education) Funding issue. Nor did I see any mention of Mr. Bayliss Evidence he presented during his public comment.

It should be noted that i could not find any legacy media reporting that questioned

the Lola Express (CCSD Board of Trustees) Narrative or portrayed the Board in a negative light. In fact the legacy media coverage was very selective on their reporting. These observations in conjunction with the Coverage we did on this Board meeting paint a very clear picture. In addition to being a perfect real life example of how the legacy media controls the narrative through Lies of omission. And how by covering this meeting independently of any legacy media, We the People can restore accountability and transparency and Affect Real Change.

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